The world has all but withered away. Only a few groups remain, clutching each other for warmth, for hope. 


Christian and Adam, father and son, cold and starving. 


In a frigid forest, the man has taught his boy to track and to hunt, and with his rifle finally leveled at the deer, Christian now teaches Adam how the animal’s life must be taken. To satisfy the hunger, to keep death away, if only for a few days more.


But Joe ruins their shot. Joe’s desperation drives the deer away. Joe’s questions grind against the old morality Christian clings to. 


How long should they chase the deer and hope to catch him? How long should they hope at all?


Amid a world of scarcity, Christian, Adam and Joe find themselves in an endless hunt for food- a catalyst that pushes the boundaries of old and new morality as a father, son and friend.

Characters / Actors

Radek Joank, will be playing the lead role – Christian (dad). Adamas Films have already locked in this talented actor who we believe is the perfect fit for this particular role. He definitely has the charisma and personality as well as the experience. He has worked on, drama's, Underbelly, and Home and Away. In addition, he has been casted in several movies that hit the box office, which include, Red Dog (2011), Vulnerable (2010), One June Afternoon (2013), Wise Bull (2015).

We are confident that he is the right fit as we have seen and worked with him in the past for a short film – Wanted (2012).



Peter Maple is taking the supporting role as Joe (friend). Peter has graduated and has studied at prestigious performing arts schools across Australia. He has been acting on countless short films, TVCs as well as working in Hollywood movies during his acting career. 


Peter has also worked on films that have been renowned to be admirable films across the globe – Dead Sunrise (2016), Gaza Strip (2017), Soil (2017), The Quarantine Hauntings (2015). Peter will be unflawed as he takes on the role of Joe, as he has more than a decade worth of experience in similar roles. 

Harry is also one of our lead actors who will be taking the role of Adam (son). We have worked with Harry in the past for a short film Give (2013). Since then he has worked on TVCs for Australia’s Iconic Brand, Woolworths, and has been active in the short film industry, making it into the world’s biggest short film festival, Tropfest. 


Harry has the charisma, the looks, the talent and the potential for the role for Adam. 


Production Crew


Kevin has been in the film industry for 5 years. In 2014, he worked with one the worlds largest commercial production companies – Cheil Worldwide. He was able to work on television commercials that was worth half a million dollars. In 2016 Kevin started to work as an independent film producer, working on his own films as well as freelancing with production companies within Fox Studios called Amazing People Pictures, working closely with the producer who have worked on world leading films such The Matrix Reloaded. 2016 September, Kevin moved onto working with one of Sydney’s largest independent production company, Kontented. Currently working on short films, commercials, documentaries, being able to work with globally famous celebrities – Ed Sheeran, Katy Perry and Chris Martin. In early February, Kevin and his Director, Samuel Nam was presented with 2nd place for best films in an International Film Festival.

Christine Luby moved to Sydney, Australia in 2010 after 10 years in London, England. Originally from New Hampshire, USA, Christine trained as a contemporary dancer at Hampshire College and Laban Centre London. 


Moving into film production in 2007 as an Assistant Director, Christine has worked on numerous Feature Films, TV series and TV commercials with over 100 credits to her name & has had the pleasure of working in the UK, Ibiza, New York, Melbourne and Sydney. Credits include The Wolverine, Puberty Blues, Soul Mates, Catching Milat, Circle of Lies, Embedded and TVC’s for Toyota, Telstra, Disney and Ford.


Joseph Asphahani is a storyteller. Whether he’s writing for film, television, video games, or stacking more chapters onto his latest novel, not a day goes by that he doesn’t find some creative project to add at least a thousand words to. With a background in teaching English and experience with Content Marketing, Joseph has become a firm believer in the power of words, and that by blending them just right, a writer can make or do anything. In 2016, Joe’s debut novel “The Animal in Man” took first prize in Sword & Laser contest, winning full publication. He resides in Chicago, USA with his wife and two children.


At 17, Samuel Nam started his film making career as an online video, and TV commercial director. To build his portfolio, and reputation, he has worked on his first 10 projects for free between 2007 - 2008. Over 10 years, he has worked with multiple blue chip clients (Samsung, Audi, Fit N Fast gym, LG, etc.) and digital agencies across Australia.


Samuel Nam started his career in corporate videos in order to eventually direct films for cinema. He has a passion to represent good Australian films. In early 2017 Samuel, and his Producer Kevin Kim won 2nd place for best film at an international film festival.



Anton is a Sydney based freelance Cinematographer.

Coming from film photography background Anton learned from the roots of film making and started his emerging career in 2011 by graduating from International Film School of Sydney.


He has filmed a number of motion picture projects starting from short dramas and web advertizing content to a live TV reality shows and TVC's. Anton approaches each project with unique angles.


Some of the clients that he worked with would include names like:

Autodesk, Optus, CSIRO, ANU, UOW, Hilton, Harper Collins and Little,Brown publishers etc.

Mood Board

Target Audience

The target audience is going to be for the attendees of Sydney Film Festival, over 180, 000 people.



The Sydney Film (SFF) is a major cultural event in NSW supported by the Australian Government and Destination NSW.

With 2017 being its 64th year, SSF is one of the world’s longest running film festivals.

Held over 12 days and in serval venues across Sydney, the SFF reaches a wide audience, both local and international.

In 2015, there were 176,000 attendants and in 2016 almost 180,000 attendant, this year is surely to exceed those numbers.

In 2016 there were 13 venues, including:

The State Theatre, Event Cinemas George Street, Dendy Opera Quays, Dendy Newtown, Skyline Drive-In Blacktown, Art Gallery of NSW, Hayden Orpheum   Picture Palace Cremorne, Casula Powerhouse, SFF Outdoor Screen at Pitt Street Mall, the Festival Hub at Sydney Town Hall, the Apple Store Sydney; and new venues; University of New South Wales and Carriageworks


Additionally, through the Festival’s “Traveling Film Festival” campaign, the audience is extended to 19 regional locations across NSW, NT and QLD. Films have also previously been showcased on Princess Cruises traveling to Tasmania and New Zealand.


- 64th Year

- 12 day film festival

- Hosted in 13 venues across Sydney

- Attendance:

    2015 - 176,000 ppl

    2016 - <180,000 ppl

- 19 regional areas